Value Proposition


page1-img3Here is the chance for your company to leverage first-of-its-kind opportunity to express your vision and thought leadership on how you view the role of business analysis in the growth of your company. BA Convention provides you:

  • An exceptional platform to showcase your thought leadership in business analysis, customer experience and other related fields to your esteemed clients
  • An opportunity for you to understand how your peers leverage business analysis 
  • A platform for your current as well as future BA community to learn from experts
  • Collaborate with academia and help them understand the value of business analysis
  • A podium to be in front of the student community, many of whom already have IIBA approved certification, to present the opportunity in business analysis and hire them for the BA role
IndividualsAre you concerned to know about your future as a BA? Do you want to know the plethora of opportunities that exist for your professional growth? BA Convention is a platform that provides:

  • Engage with IIBA’s global leaders
  • Amazing opportunities and great networking platform
  • An opportunity to earn 12 CDUs that can be used during re-certification
  • Free guidance from experts present in the convention to fuel your BA carrier
skillsAcademia is the back bone of any and every industry. BA Convention focus to bridge the corporate academia gap in the industry. It provides academia an opportunity to:

  • Understand how industry values Business Analysis so you can align your efforts to nurture “Industry Relevant” skills that shows students the great career opportunity lies ahead
  • Collaborate with corporate to build closer ties both for the curriculum in business analysis and campus placements
  • Get faculties to listen to the practitioners so they know what to teach
Policy Makers
PolicyMakersRight policies and initiatives are critical for the Indian IT and ITeS industries to move up the value chain, provide high value services and be a strategic partner to the global customers. BA Convention is a platform for the policy makers to:

  • Come collaborate with all stakeholders (industry, academia, global research firms and BA community) under one roof, listen to them and align their efforts to create value for the industry
  • Inform their stakeholders about how they value their opinion and launch initiatives to create the much needed eco-system to nurture the business analysis capability in India
Global Research Firms

globalSearchResearch Firms play a crucial role in predicting the change around us. They are the knowledge hub of the world. BA Convention provides such firms a great opportunity to:

  • Understand the trends in the space of Business Analysis and how it can influence the ways in which businesses adapt to the “change”
  • Present their findings and though leadership to guide every stakeholder in the right direction
Standards Organizations
standardOrganisationIndustry standards are necessary to provide consistency and predictability in an unstructured environment. BA Convention has put in efforts to bring many such organizations together so:

  • They understand the expectations of different stakeholders that will allow them to build relevant industry standards and align them to their needs
  • They find opportunities for imparting the knowledge to the right stakeholders in the most effective ways